Much of my artwork is inspired by time spent outdoors: hiking, mushroom hunting, bird watching, and just noticing and feeling the multitude of cycles and patterns found in the world and throughout the year.

I also enjoy creating art while traveling and visiting new places and also while being a member of the audience at events.  In both cases the creative process helps focus my attention on the here and now, and to infuse the memories with greater significance.

A typically work flow is to start with some field sketches or photos of the subject.  This is then worked over with various apps available on the iphone and ipad.

Golden-crowned Sparrow at the Golden Gate Bridge 
Winter 2018

Sking at Theodore Wirth Park

Cover the winter issue of MN Trails Magazine
Summer 2017

Red-wing Blackbirds at Gold Medal Park 
Summer 2017

Turtle Mutualism
Spring 2017

Black Morels
 Spring 2017

Corticolous Collage (Tettegouche SP)
 Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Pipe Organ at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Columbus, Ohio
Winter 2016

Camping at Jay Cooke State Park (sketch)
Summer 2016