Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Moth Party

Last week I did a little program about moths at the nature center I work at (it was National Moth Week).  I "painted" a number of trees with a mix of bananas, honey, syrup, fermented apple sauce and rum extract to attract moths.  After the program was over I went out and photographed as many of the moths as I could.  I think the pictures turned rather well considering the fact that I just used my iPhone and a handheld led light.

Presented in Hodges # order.

Herpetogramma abdominalis

Lettered Habrosyne - Habrosyne scripta
Three patched Bigwing Moth - Heterophleps refusaria

American Idia Moth - Idia americalis

Glossy Black Idia Moth - Idia lubricalis

Dark-banded Owlet Moth - Phalaenophana pyramusalis

Black Zale Moth - Zale undularis

Semirelict Underwing Moth - Catocala semirelicta

American Angle Shades Moth - Euplexia benesimilis

Old Man Dart - Agrostis vetusta
Unidentified Moths

 Moth Photographer's Group


"Moths and Caterpillars of the North Woods" by Jim Sogaard