Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mushroom Log - Mid August 2017

Simocybe centunculus
A wood growing LBM with a granular sort of texture to give it some distinction.

Bolbittius reticulatus
It features a slimy cap.

Coprinellus disseminatus
The mushrooms in these photos inhabit a well-rotted stump.  I think I first noticed these mushrooms about fifteen years ago, when instead of a stump, they inhabited a rotten spot at the base of a basswood (if memory serves me correct).  We're sort of friends at this point.
 Mycena haematopus

Trichaptum biforme

 Xeromphalina kauffmanii

Unknown Mushrooms
Light brown spore print, growing in loose cluster along the edge of a trail that followed the edge of a deciduous woods.  Tough, especially the stem.  The stem also showed some slight granular texture.  Maybe Pholiota terrestrias, but most sources describe that species as more scaly.