Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Little Black Toads

Toadlets of American Toads have been everywhere at Westwood Hills Nature Center.  They are about a centimeter in length and somewhere in between dark grey and black in color.  They must have just completed metamorphosis and are now on the move, dispersing through the woods.  In a few weeks they'll be a lot harder to find, settled somewhere shaded and full of invertebrates for them to eat, or possibly eaten themselves. 

I'm still disappointed that American Toads were moved from the genus Bufo and into the genus Anaxyrus.  I'm not sure what the specific reasoning was for the change, and I doubt I'd have any qualms about it; my disappointment is purely onomatopoeic.  Bufo sounds just so quintessentially toadish.  There are still toad species in the world in the genus Bufo, but not the American Toad.  Sad