Sunday, November 13, 2016

White Mulberry Trees

I've taken an interest in White Mulberry, Morus alba trees this fall.  What interests me the most is how variable the leaves are; shapes that can remind me of hearts, mittens, Y-wing Fighters, or a fleur de lis amongst others.  It's usually a weedy tree in Minnesota, but White Mulberry is a tree with a rich history.  It's leaves sustain silkworms, which are caterpillars of the silk moth Bombyx mori, and whose cocoons provide the raw material to make silk.  The tree was brought to the United States in an attempt to start a domestic silk industry, which never thrived.  But the White Mulberry tree did thrive and can be found throughout the eastern U.S., sometimes planted, but more often than not sprouting up in a sunny spots wherever a bird or other animal has dropped a seed. Below a series of captioned sketches about White Mulberries. History
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