Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mushroom Log - Late September 2017

Mouse Ear's - Tricholoma myomyces
There are a number of very similar mushrooms in the genus Tricholoma; small mushrooms with grayish and somewhat fiberous caps. T. myomyces seems to be one of the smallest, grayest, and fiberous of the bunch. It also has a cobweb-like covering over the gills when young (which I did not observe) and contrasting pale fibers along the cap margins (see lower right photo).
While doing a little research online, I realized that the prefix "trich" means hair-like, which helps solidify a picture of the genus Tricholoma in my head. Tricholoma has been a sort of vague genus to me something along the lines of:
"terrestrial mushrooms with white spores, notched gills maybe . . . sometimes or something . . ."
But a fair number of them feature fibers or scales on their caps, so knowing that "trich" means "hair" really helps.
And I wonder what hair-like feature the insect order name Trichoptera refers to; it translates as "hair-wing", but maybe it references the long thin antenna of caddisflies or maybe the silk the larva produce and use to bind plant bits, sand, gravel and other debris to their bodies to form their portable "homes".
Common Puffball - Lycoperdon perlatum
Unknown Pholiota - Pholiota sp.