Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mushroom Log - Early to Mid September

Veiled Oyster - Pleurotus dryinus
A yellowish, fuzzy mushroom on rotten wood shouldn't be hard to identify, right? Not so. Pleurotus dryinus doesn't make it into all of the field guides. If it does, it might have a completely different name. And to make matters more confusing, the name P. dryinus is used for a similar, but clearly different mushroom by some authors; a not fuzzy mushroom, that inhabits living trees.
Fused Marasmius - Marasmius cohaerens
Coprinoid Mushrooms
These mushrooms were along the boulevard in my neighborhood. I think they were growing on a spot where a tree had been cut down and the stump ground up. I think the small mushrooms could be Coprinellus disseminatus and the big mushroom a Parasola sp., though I considered the idea that the small mushrooms were just less developed versions of the big mushrooms. I went back a little later in the day, but the spot had been mowed over.
Milk-cap Mushroom - Lactarius sp.
Unknown Bolete - Boletus
The red stem and cap, white pore surface that doesn't bruise and growth under hardwoods leads me think these are Boletus seperans
Unknown Webcap - Cortinarius sp
Unknown Mushroom
I need a hat that looks exactly like the cap of this mushroom!