Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mushroom Log - late April 2016

Unknown Mushroom
Appearance, size, habitat, spore and shape resemble a species of Tubaria. T. furfuracea is common mushroom, but usually features little white fibers along the cap margin (partial veil remnants). T. confragosa is another species commonly listed in field guides, but usually has a slight ring around the stem. Maybe these features were originally present, but washed off during the week of rain we've had.
Unknown Mushroom
These were growing in the same wood chip patch as the above mushrooms. I assumed they were dryer version of those mushrooms, but the tightly clustered growth makes me now think otherwise. No details or spore print taken.
Inky Caps - Copronoid mushroom
Velvet-foot Mushrooms - Flammulina velutipes
Velvet-foot Mushrooms are usually found on stumps, not from the ground where these appear to be growing. They were likely growing from a root of a tree that had been cut nearby.
Devil's Urn - Urnula craterium
Morel - Morchella sp
A bit early this year.