Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Phantom Midge Larva

Whoa! Am I feeling especially transparent today or what! Time for some DVM! Up, up, up the water column I go, hey Llyod, how's it going . . . awesome, good to barely see you! Okay, almost at the surface now, yeh cycles got a bit screwed up what with all those kairomones detected. Thank my life cycle I could just deflate my hydrostatic organs (dude,shut up I don't like calling them bladders) and sink into some anoxic waters. Way to go malate cycle, nothing beats making ATP under low oxygen conditions! butI digress, I need some food, a big crunchy copepod would truly satisfy the gut right now. Let's see what's around, hmm, I could filter some detritus, there's a cladoceran, dude! check out that head gear, I must be giving off some kairomones of my own, let's see rotifers nah, heeey there's a little larva dude just like me, but smaller, must be an instar or two behind, just the right size to nab with a pair of grasping antennae, there, got it! mmm mmm mmm, delicious - hey Gaston, Christine, Lon! how's it floating! good to see you, can't talk now I'm feeling pupation coming on, I'll grok with you later!