Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lichen and Fungus Break at Wolf Ridge

I attended an excellent workshop this past weekend. It was put on by the MN Phenology Network and held at Wolf Ridge ELC. Every presentation I attended was informative and inspiring in some way. And despite the double digit sub-zero temperatures, I went one a number of very enjoyable hikes.
But what to report back on? There was so much packed into the weekend. A lot of big ideas and big stories. But big things are always made up of littler things. And this blog has always been about the little details. So I present the above picture of little details observed by me in the midst of weekend of big ideas.
It was inspired by a well decayed shrub, an alder I think. It was covered in so many different lichens and fungi. And it's branches (or what was left of them) were awkward and ill placed, but appealing and I think nicely displayed all the colors and textures of the lichens and fungus.