Monday, June 29, 2015

Inky Caps on the Boulevard

Along Stinson Blvd in NE Minneapolis. The road formed the border to the left, and the sidewalk formed the border to the right. Around the base of the tree were groups of inky caps in various states of deliquescence.



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lichens on Gravestones: Mound Park Cemetery

Old cemeteries are good places to look for lichens.
Sunburst lichens (Xanthoria sp.) are very common on older tombstones.
Not a lichen obviously, but I like it. It's a Sumac tree growing out of an old planter. I like the unique blend of landscapes found in many cemeteries; the tended grass and trees but with an unkempt border, the gravestones mimicking small rocky outcroppings and providing shelter for lichens and moss, and the general lack of people in a man-made environment.







Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mushroom Log - Early June 2015

Hare's Foot Inky Cap - Coprinopsis lagopus

Pale Brittlestem - Psathyrella candolleana

Clusters of small mushrooms growing from the ground, often near a dead tree. These were next to a stump (Elm I think). They made a very dark brown spore print.
Gills start out white, then light grayish purple, finally turning dark brown.
Tattered veil remnants along the margin of the cap are common in Brittlestems.
Descriptions of P. candolleana don't mention fibers along the stem, so maybe these are some other species of similar Brittlestem.
Cross-veined Mushroom - Xeromphalina tenuipes
Unknown Mushroom
Many of these mushrooms have a greenish spot in the middle of the cap, which seems like it would be a distinctive feature, but I had no luck with identification. They grew in small clusters in the woods, next to a very rotten log. Gills were white. Stem whitish and very long, with a slight covering of fuzz. No distinctive odor or taste. A white spore print and the fact that dry mushrooms revived in water makes Marasmius a likely genus.













Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Recent Mushrooms: Late May 2015

Hard Agrocybe - Agrocybe molesta

A medium brown mushroom growing in the grass. The cap can appear cracked, veil remnants are often present at the cap's margin, and there's usually a slight ring around the stem.

Common Rosegill- Volvopluteus gloiocephalus


Yellowish Gymnopus - Gymnopus subsulphureus

Or something like it. A vaguely yellow cluster of mushrooms growing from very rotten wood in the woods with a white spore print. Close, yellowish gills and whitish (described as pinkish usually) rhizomorphs at the base of the stem.

Coprinoid Mushroom

With Black Medic flowers, Medicago lupulina.