Saturday, May 30, 2015

Illustrated Life List: Tennessee Warbler

an excerpt from "The Birds of Minnesota" by Thomas S. Roberts (a really cool, old school bird guide in two volumes):

He says exactly what I want to say about the Tennessee Warbler, and much more eloquently than I could.
The picture was inspired by a grey morning earlier in May. Walking by a stand of large Cottonwood trees I could hear numerous Tennessee Warblers calling from the tree tops. They were so loud, but invisible among the leaves. I considered grabbing a pair of binoculars, but figured more enjoyment could be had by just listening to their staccato song; if I tried to search for them I'd be straining my neck to look straight up into the trees and would probably only catch a glimpse or two. The overcast conditions would have made them mostly silhouettes anyway.
Tennessee Warblers certainly aren't one of the most colorful of the wood warblers, nor are they typically one of the more sought after by birders. But they are one of my favorites. I appreciate their volume and their dependability. I look forward to the day when their song seems to be everywhere. Later in the day the flock had moved on (replaced by an equally loud flock of American Goldfinches), but I felt satisfied in witnessing this annual tick of the phenological clock.