Sunday, July 27, 2014

National Moth Week

Presented below are the moths that I turned up during this year during National Moth Week.

Burdock Seedhead Moth  - Metzeria lapella
The larva feed on Common Burdock's (Arctium minus) developing seeds, which are held in large, clinging burs.  I was talking to my daughter about this, and she brought up the point that maybe living inside a bur helps disperse the moth when it sticks to an animals fur.  Hmmm . . .

Grass-veneer Moth - Crambus sp.

Chestnut-marked Pondweed Moth - Parapoynx badiusalis
I love these guys!

Painted Lichen Moth  - Hypoprepia miniata

Ruby Tiger Moth - Phragmatobia fuliginosa
I included the blurry picture below because I'm not sure if identification would have been possible without seeing the colors on the underwings and abdomen.

Glossy Black Idia Moth - Idia lubricalis
Variable Zanclognatha - Zanclognatha laevigata

Unknown species of Zanclognatha - Zanclognatcha sp.
I think it's either Z. cruralus or Z. jacchusalis