Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mushroom Log - Early June 2014, part II

Special nondescript, brownish mushroom edition!

Agrocybe - Agrocybe praecox species cluster


Medium-sized brown mushrooms often with thin covering over the gills when young, that turns into ring around the stalk (a partial veil).  Growing in wood chips.  Brown spore print.

Agrocybe - Agrocybe sp

A smaller brown mushroom growing in wood chips, without a partial veil.  Brown spore print.  Possibly A. pediades

Psythyrella - Psathyrella sp.

A smaller, fragile brown mushroom, growing amongst woody debris in the woods.  Dark brown, almost black spore print.

Psathyrella - Psathyrella sp.

Ditto.  Note the partial veil remnants hanging from the edge of the cap in the second picture, a feature found in many members of this genus of mushrooms.

Unknown Mushroom

These mushrooms don't quite qualify as a nondescript brown mushrooms.  Superficially, yes - but they've got a little character that makes them stand out a bit.  They are of a more orangish-brown color with a distinct hump in the middle of the cap.  The gills are a darker reddish-brown as was the spore print.  The stalk featured a ring.

Last summer I found these same mushrooms (presumably) in the same spot.  I identified them as Gypsy Mushrooms, Cortinarius caperatus, but I think that's an incorrect identification, it doesn't quite match written descriptions or photographs.  Perhaps they are specimens of a mushroom called the Deadly Conocybe by some field guides, Conocybe filaris.  It matches written descriptions I found in the Audubon field guide and at Roger's Mushrooms, but most pictures I found show it as a slighter looking mushroom.  Plus it is described as having a movable ring; I didn't really note if the ring moved or not.  Next year . . .

Unknown Mushroom

I'm giving up on nondescript brown mushrooms for awhile.