Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Apple Book for Preschool

For the most part, this post doesn't really fit the overall theme of the blog; there's nothing little, brown, mushroom-related in it.  But the part that does fit is that I've always intended this blog to be a place where I could share some of my creative pursuits (which are usually related to little, brown, mushroomy things).
In my job as a naturalists, I work with a lot of pre-k groups that visit the nature center I work at.  I've found that there aren't a lot of books that can be used with the topics we teach that are effective with a large group of 3 to 5 year olds.  They are either in a format that is too small and/or the story line isn't quite right for what we're teaching at the nature center.
So I've had in mind for awhile now to create to some simple picture books, printed in a large format, that address some of the subjects commonly taught to preschool groups at a nature center.  Hence "An Apple Book" - many nature centers in MN do an apple cider program of some sort.  It's not really a story, but twelve images with simple captions that I hope can be used to facilitate a presentation about apples to a preschool group.  It's about 15" x 20", unbound, and hand printed from images cut into linoleum.
My intention is to eventually make these available on Etsy for around $20.00 a piece (not including shipping), mostly just to cover the cost of materials  At this point, I've made an initial printing of five copies, partly to see how the whole process would work.  They've all been claimed, which is very exciting, and I'm about to do a second larger run.
If this is something you'd be interested in, let me know!  Leave a message in the comment section below, and I will keep people updated as to when they are available.