Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recent Mushrooms - late May 2013 part II

 Velvet Foot - Flammulina velutipes

Yellow Bolbitius - Bolbitius vitellinus

Spring Agrocybe - Agrocybe praecox species cluster

Yellow Morel - Morchella sp.

Mycena sp.

White spore print, small size, bell-shaped cap, stalk that isn't tough or wiry.

Inky Caps - Coprinopsis atramentaria

Gymnopilus sp. ?

Growing a well decayed hardwood branch, orangish-brown spores, cap unadorned, but with a slightly "textured" look, gills the same color as the cap, stem without ant obvious ring zone.  Didn't note odor or taste.  Another possible genus is Pholiota.  Maybe I can find the spore print I made and at the spores under a microscope for more evidence.

Dead Man's Fingers - Xylaria sp.

Unknown mushrooms

No details noted, other than I've seen similar mushrooms growing in the same area (scrubby woods with looks of young Box Elders and Elm stumps) in the past.