Monday, June 4, 2012

(Little Brown) Moth Watching Party

In the past two weeks, Naomi and I have had a couple of moth watching parties on our porch.  Though mostly small and brownish, I've been surprised at how many different species have showed up in our Minneapolis backyard.  The moth above is a Three-patched Bigwing, Heterophelps refusaria, family Geometridae.  Text below refers to moths pictured above the text.
Bent-line Carpet Moth, Costaconvexa centrostrigaria, family Geometridae.
Forager Looper Moth, Caenurgina crechtea, family Noctuidae.
Unknown moth that showed up in our bathroom.
Also unidentified.
Leafroller Moth, maybe a species of Pandemis or Choristoneura, family Tortricidae
While we waited for the moths to show up, we did a little reading and drawing.  And of course snacks were served