Friday, May 18, 2012

Recent Mushrooms - Mid May 2012

Fawn Mushroom - Pluteus cervinus

Wolf's Milk Slime - Lycogala epidendrum

When you poke it, it squirts out a thick, dark pink liquid, as follows:

Spring Agrocybe - Agrocybe praecox species cluster

Mycena sp

Mycenas are some of my favorite mushrooms.  Many of the are very small.  They are one of the inspirations for this blog; slow down and look closer.

Gymnopilus sp

I'm not certain if it's a species of Gymnopilus (and I'm not certain how you are supposed to write the name if you're uncertain not only of the species, but the genus; maybe Gymnopilus cf, or Gymnopilus?).  Reddish-orange cap, yellow gills, ring zone on the stem, growth on wood, and a rusty spore print .

Unknown mushroom

All the mushrooms in this post were found at various locations in Hennepin Co., MN.