Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recent Mushrooms - Early May 2012

Morel - Morchella  sp.
Check out this article in the journal Mycologia for the latest in North American morel taxonomy.
Spring Agrocybe - Agrocybe praecox species cluster
Growing in a pile of woody debris and leaves in the corner of a parking lot.  I like this picture because it shows the same mushroom in different stages of growth.  A few days later I found some that had caps 4 inches in diameter, and stalks 8 inches long, about the maximum for this species group.  Read here for more on why the Spring Agrocybe is a species cluster (it's interesting, and makes me think about observation, and howmuch more is going on than we can see).
Inky Caps - Coprinoid mushrooms
 With all of the rain, it seems that Inky Caps are everywhere.
 I've never paid much attention to them before.  I think it's time I start.
Velvet Foot - Flammulina velutipes
Also extremely common, especially on elm stumps it seems (not that I've been looking at elm stumps mind you).
Deadly Galerina - Galerina marginata
Similar to the Velvet Foot, but with a ring zone on the stalk (not always easy to see), and a brown spore print (instead of white).  i've found it on fallen logs, while the Velvet Foot seems to prefer stumps.
Hexagonal-pored Polypore - Favolus alveolaris

Unknown mushrooms

 Both with white spore prints, the first on the ground, the second on a stick.