Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conk Watch 2012

I've featured these conks in a number of previous posts (check out the labels below for more information).  They are located in a prominent place at a trail intersection at Westwood Hills Nature Center.  A lot of people that I bring on hikes notice them.  I'm still not sure what species they are.  My plan is to watch them more closely this year and photograph them from the angles in this post once a month to watch how they change over the year.  They are growing on a somewhat alive (mostly dead) basswood tree.
 Above is the biggest of the conks on this tree.
 This is one of the smaller conks growing on this tree.
Official logo of Conk Watch 2012.  By the way, does anyone have any tips for photographing white mushrooms on a dark background without the mushrooms being over exposed, or the background under exposed?

Look for the next installment of Conk Watch 2012 sometime in early March.  You can't wait, can you?