Thursday, November 3, 2011


More photos of a conk at Westwood Hills Nature Center I've been keeping an eye on since March.  This first photo is of the conks highest up on the tree, or more appropriately the half of a tree; it's broken off at about twenty feet up.  I need to balance on a log I move over to the tree to take pictures, shimmed underneath to provide a somewhat level surface, since they are about ten feet off the ground (I've almost toppled over on more than one occasion).  My last pictures of this conk were in June.  They are now almost completely white (new growth), and more defined in some way (take a look at the pictures taken in June).

A picture taken looking down (while balanced on my bark-shimmed log).  These conks were just little white nubs when I first started watching in March.
A picture taken from the ground up, a safer position.  I tell kids that I'm leading on various hikes that they are a troll ladder (kids usually notice them without any prompting from me)

A new conk just starting to develop.  I've looked through various field guides and websites, trying to determine the identity of these, but no luck.  Take a look at some of the older posts to see the development of these conks since March (click on labels below).