Friday, September 9, 2011

Forsaken Underwing

Forsaken Underwing - Catocala relicta
Also known as the White Underwing, or the Relic Underwing.  The Underwing moths (genus Catocala) are known for their boldly marked underwings.  I couldn't get a photo of this one's underwing, but any time I got to close it would launch itself from its perch and fly quickly, but erratically to a new perch.  I saw it do this three times before it disappeared around the corner of the house, but each time it flew it was obvious that the underwings were marked with distinct black and white bands, which made identification fairly easy since it's the only Underwing Moth to have black and white only under its wings (most also have some shade of pink, orange, or yellow).

This one was perched on the Silver Maple in our front yard.  They prefer to perch on trees with light colored bark, where the coloration of their forewings keeps them camouflaged.