Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rough Speckled Shield Lichen

Rough Speckled Shield Lichen - Punctelia rudecta
My family and I took a camping trip to Savannah Portage State Park this past weekend.  The mosquitoes were bad, the campground neighbors were noisy, and the traffic on the way back was horrendous.  But it was a great trip.  We hiked, fished (no luck), and we took the kids in a canoe for the first time.  And many of the trees were covered in lichens.
You might be able to find the Rough Speckled Shield Lichen growing near your home if you live in the eastern United States; it's a common lichen and fairly tolerant of pollution.  Look for a bluish-green leafy lichen with wrinkles and little white dots (though it could be a different lichen, the only way to know for sure is to look very closely).

In my very informal, and not at all comprehensive survey of the lichens at Savannah Portage, I only found one example of the Rough Speckled Shield Lichen. It was on a piece of bark that had fallen off of a tree at Loon Lake (where we spent much of time because of the beautiful setting, playground, and general lack of fellow campers).  I took these pictures (and many, many more) with the new macro lens that my in-laws gave to me for my birthday.  Thank you so much Barb and Tom!